Saturday, August 9, 2014

A peculiar inconsistency of Woodstock's bylaws

There was an article in the May edition of What's on Woodstock entitled "Smoking bylaw is often forgotten in parks and playgrounds".
Author Karyn Matwey reminded us that it is illegal to light up within 30 metres of playground equipment or within 15 metres of recreational fields.  As the bylaw itself states:

" has been determined that second-hand smoke is a serious health hazard because of its adverse effects and risk to the health of inhabitants and workers in The Corporation of the City of Woodstock."

Why, then, does Woodstock have an open air burning bylaw that permits backyard fire pits, and only four metres from a property line?  A wood-burning fire produces hundreds of times more toxic smoke than a cigarette.  This smoke blankets neighbourhoods and fills nearby homes.  Why protect kids from smoke in playgrounds, but not in their own backyards and bedrooms?

It's time to stop poisoning the air that we all have to share.

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The above text was published as a "Letter to the editor" in the Sentinel Review on June 27, 2014.

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