Friday, July 3, 2015

Why Woodstock is a great place to live

Woodstock is a great place to live, because:
1) We are considerate of our neighbours; we even have a noise bylaw (Chapter 0825)
2) We care about air quality; we have an anti-idling bylaw (Chapter 818)
3) We worry about damaging our children's lungs; we have a bylaw that prohibits smoking near playground equipment (Chapter 0835)

But wait a minute; we also have an Open Air Burning Bylaw (Chapter 0827), which shows that we:
1) don't care about bothering neighbours
2) don't care about air quality
3) don't care about damaging everybody's lungs, including our children's.

What was my opening statement, again?

This was submitted to the Sentinel Review as a letter to the editor and published on July 3, 2015, although the title was changed by the newspaper.

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