Saturday, June 25, 2016

E-mail to Woodstock Councillors, sent Friday June 24, 2016

I hope that you have read my latest UR opinion piece on the Sentinel Review's website (Too bad about Clean Air Day), and that you took time to consider the excerpts from the UPHE.

You are probably aware that there was a Special Air Quality Statement issued for much of southern Ontario including Oxford County on Sunday June 19.  I trust that you are familiar with

I have two questions for you today:

1) When our background air pollution is typically in the 3-5 range on the AQHI, to what level might the index rise near a burning fire pit?

2) Officials are held accountable when local water supplies are poisoned (e.g. Walkerton, Flint  Michigan).  Why is poisoning of the air different?
(Remember that most open air burning is prohibited under the Ontario Fire Code, and that fire pits are legal in Woodstock only because the previous Council passed a by-law in 2013.)

As always, I would be pleased to hear back from you.

I hope that you enjoy your weekend, and that you have clean air to breathe.


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